Carl Koenemann is a Senior Financial Analyst at Walgreens – a position that he has held since October 2013.

After graduating from Saint Louis University with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Carl immediately went into the financial industry.

Carl has had financial experience in a variety of sectors – prescription drugs, restaurant, real estate, insurance and manufacturing. Carl specializes in management consulting and change implementation, focusing on increasing annual revenue returns.

When I asked Carl Koenemann why he decided to go into finance, he noted that he was always interested in business.

“From age 10 I would shovel driveways and cut lawns to make money. As I went into high school I began detailing boats during the summers. My parents had a boat that I watched professionals do some work on and decided I could do just as good of a job for less money.”

Ultimately, Carl Koenemann became interested in the stock market and how businesses secured capital and used funds in the best interest of the company.

Carl decided to go back to Saint Louis for graduate school because he felt as though there was still more to learn in the financial sector. After applying, he quickly realized that this was an opportunity to distinguish him from other candidates.

Carl Koenemann currently serves as a Senior Financial Analyst at Walgreens.

Carl Koenemann currently serves as a Senior Financial Analyst at Walgreens.

Currently, Carl Koenemann loves his job as a Senior Financial Analyst with Walgreens. He notes that his job is always changing, keeping it fresh and interesting. Carl said that he learns something new every day and that the job always keeps him on his toes.

He says that he helps Walgreens make sound and ethical financial decisions while working within the laws and guidelines of the industry.

While working with the McDonald’s Corporation in the European division in 2012, Carl gained valuable experience. Having the opportunity to travel to Europe on numerous occasions was enough to make the job worth it. Carl benefitted from the fact that he worked closely with the corporate financial management team. He spent lots of time dissecting financial results, performing analysis and working on forecasting, budgeting and Long Range Plans.

In 2011, Carl Koenemann worked with Deloitte as an Auditor. Auditing is a necessary and valuable practice that is paramount in corporate governance and financial reporting. Carl notes that Deloitte is an excellent company that allowed him to get his financial career off the ground.

“The experience gained in the time I was with them is irreplaceable and still relevant as I perform my work today.”

In the future, Carl Koenemann wants to manage people.

“I believe I can only define general goals of what I am looking to gain from my career because no matter the plan, things have their own way of working out. In the end, I want to manage a group of people, have direct P&L responsibility and help whatever business I manage to grow and provide its shareholders with a worthy return.”

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